Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Kapamilya Gardening Web Log

We have put up the Kapamilya Backyard Gardening Project Blog to host the reference materials discussed during the gardening seminars series in the TV Barn of the ABS-CBN Regional Broadcast Complex, North Road, Jagobiao, Mandaue City.  

Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Talk to DYAB thru Google Talk

After surveying several applications, we've decided that Google Talk is the simplest, easiest, fastest and most user-friendly in interacting with any of DYAB's programs. Please consider the following advantages:

  • All you need is a PC with a microphone (or a headset) to start recording;
    The recording is automatically sent to the Google servers, the most powerful in the world, without burdening your hard disk;
  • You can record at anytime of the day (even hours or days before the actual airing) and from anywhere in the world and DYAB will receive your recording thru GMail where it can be instantly readied for airing;
  • The recorded message can be played by the recipient (DYAB) over any of its programs without downloading the file because GMail has a stable built-in MP3 player; and
  • The recorded material can be kept and archived within GMail (which has a generous free space of 7.3 gigabytes and counting) or uploaded to websites and web logs so they can be listened to or downloaded by more people.

How do you avail of Google Talk's free services?

  • Create a GMail account (it's much easier than Yahoo, almost as quick as Facebook) by clicking this link;
  • Download Google Talk (don't worry, it's a very light application and the installation is very quick) from here;
  • Install Google Talk and sign in using your GMail user name and password;
  • Add dyab1512 in the contact box and from the dropdown menu click "Invite to Chat";
  • Now, you're ready to record, hover your mouse over dyab1512, a menu box will appear, click "Send Voicemail";
  • A female voice will tell you that... "the party you're calling is unavailable, please leave a message after the beep...";
  • After her beep, start recording (you cannot preview your recording, so prepare your mic before clicking "Send Voicemail");
  • After recording, click "End Recording" and your message will automatically be forwarded to the Google servers and will appear in our account as an email attachment; and
  • You're recording is now ready for airing over DYAB.

That's it, you're set. Hope to hear from you over DYAB soon!