Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Australian Job Fair on May 17 & 18

THE AUSTRALIAN embassy is holding a job fair in Manila for Filipino professionals and skilled workers on May 17 and 18, in line with its migration program that opens up tens of thousands of jobs for recruits from around the world each year.

Australian Ambassador to the Philippines Tony Hely said a life ‘’free from discrimination” awaited successful applicants in his country.

Interested job seekers will be told the fair’s venue after they register with the embassy, according to the mission’s media officer Kiel Enrique.

They can log on to www.immi.gov.au/skillexpos for more information, or contact Skills Expo Information line at tel. 845-9200 or visit the Australian Embassy website at www.philippines.embassy.gov.au.

The two-day Skilled Migration Expo specifically targets migrants with skills considered to be in “shortage” in Australia, the embassy said Friday.

“Australia operates a global and nondiscriminatory migration policy,” Hely said, stressing that “an applicant’s nationality, ethnic origin, sex, race and religion play no part in determining eligibility.”

The estimated 200,000 Filipinos living in Australia today are one of the most productive immigrant sectors in his country, he added.

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