Sunday, August 20, 2006

Nursing Board Exam: Take 2?

The Kapamilya Media Forum Panel

A parent argued that passers should take their oath Posted by Picasa



I don't think Mrs. Arroyo has the credibility to ask all those who had taken the nursing board exam this year to retake such exam again. Mrs. Arroyo's credibility as a president is still a present-day problem. And Miriam Santiago even has the guts to ask Mrs. Arroyo to be nominated as a successor to Mr. Kofi Annan's U.N. position as Secretary-General. The record of human rights' violations of the Arroyo regime has been a nightmare in the Philippines. Mrs. Arroyo's presidency has been using tactics that continuosly threaten and degrade the democratic institutions here in our country. I would rather want Miss Aung San Suu Kyi to be the next Secretary-General of the U.N.. I want a man or a woman from the Yellow or Asianic race to be the next U.N. Secretary-General. Such would-be successor of Mr. Kofi Annan at such U.N. post should be a peaceful and lawful champion of human rights and democracy, so that the U.N. Organization can peacefully and lawfully embrace real and moral democracy. Jackie Chan is also a likely nominee for such position. Jackie Chan is a well-known defender of responsible human freedoms and democracy in Hong Kong. Jackie Chan is well-known all over this world as a true lover of democracy. I would like to ask those readers that sympathize with these objectives to visit and click this web page: . Democracy for the whole U.N. Organization now! Peaceful and lawful democratization for the U.N. Organization! Thanks.

Anonymous said...

no retake please. why let all suffer for the mistake of a few.