Sunday, June 22, 2008

Kapamilya Relief Campaign for Cebu's Typhoon Victims

We have launched the Kapamilya Relief Campaign for the typhoon victims in Cebu and neighboring provinces. You can bring your cash donations or relief goods to the following drop-off points:
  • ABS-CBN Broadcast Complex, Jaogibao, Mandaue City;
  • Talisay City Hall;
  • Bogo City Hall;
  • Bantayan Municipal Hall;
  • San Remegio Municipal Hall;
  • Wow Travel and More outlets in EMall, Robinson's, Gaisano Mactan and Birhen sa Regla Parish;
  • SM City Lower Ground Floor (between Air Philippines and Country Crafts);
  • Ayala Center Administrative Office (3rd floor fronting Global View);
  • Asian College of Technology in corner Leon Kilat and P. del Rosario Sts.
  • Cordova Municipal Hall;
  • Mabolo Barangay Hall;
  • Basak Pardo Barangay Hall;
  • Sambag 1 Barangay Hall;
  • Kasambagan Barangay Hall;
  • IBP Building;
  • Jollibee Panagdait;
  • Archbishop's Palace;
  • Apas Barangay Hall; and
  • Minglanilla Parish Church.


Ozzy's Mom said...

thanks for the info ;)

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