Friday, April 22, 2005

The Good, Mad and the Great Martin Nievera Is Back!

Makikita na ulit si Martin Nievera every Sunday sa ABS-CBN! "The big news is that I'm semi-back on ASAP. Only because that's been my promise to the station. I don't know if there's any artist in ABS CBN who's been here as long as I have without a contract, some thing that's kind of unheard of. So it's never really been about the deal or money or I would be in another station, cause I've been offered a lot by another station. I'm one of the true believers of this station, through good times and through bad. My offer has always been every time I'm in town, I can be one of their male hosts if need be. If they don't need me it's cool. It's not about money, it's not about price or my fee but I'm a true believer that ASAP has started many shows and me being one of the pioneers or one of the letters in the acronym ASAP, I thought of the title, it's nice that they still consider me as one of the family, kapamilya talaga."

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