Sunday, November 13, 2005

DYAB Anchors Pictures

DYAB Anchors testing the brand new computers with Linux Operating System in Jungle Rose Internet Cafe (2nd Flr., Forum bldg., beside Grand Convention Center): Juve Villar, Dave Tumulak, June Perez, Thads Bentulan, Ahmed Cuizon (seated), Edgar Gutierrez and Leo Lastimosa.

DYAB Anchors with TV Patrol Central Visayas Anchor Haide Acuña inside the ABS-CBN Cebu mini TV Barn: June Perez, Juve Villar, Thads Bentulan, Jun Berongan and Randy Jainar.

Thads Bentulan and staff took a breather in front of the Jungle Rose Internet Cafe during the Halad sa Kapamilya in Plaza Independencia, Cebu City, Philippines.

Anchors All (L-R): Leo Lastimosa, Dave Tumulak, Edgar Gutierrez, Juve Villar, Thads Bentulan, Ahmed Cuizon and June Perez.

Surveying the Plaza Independencia hours before the phenomenal Halad sa Kapamilya of DYAB Abante Bisaya and ABS-CBN Cebu (l-r): Gino Aquino (ABS-CBN Cebu's IT Chief), June Perez, Norissa Kho (she volunteered to teach Halapd participants English for Call Centers), Thads Bentulan and Leo Lastimosa.


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