Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Early mornings and Leo

If his salt-and-pepper hair gave way to his seniority, Leo Lastimosa is a mere 21 years old, as a media man that is.

And it is this power suit of a veteran broadcast journalist that he wears with ease?the uncompromising Mr. Arangkada in the mornings of ABS-CBN radio, DYAB and the primetime news anchor of TV Patrol Central Visayas (CMMA 2005 Best TV News Program) later in the evenings. Besides being a prominent on-air presence, Leo also continues to manage the DYAB radio news department.


Anonymous said...

Congrats LEO!!! You are the most intelligent and most of all you have the sternest integrity in media today...

Anonymous said...

yah, you're right. i'm one of your millions of fans all over the world. But I'm just silent of being a fan. I just listen to your morning programs and watch you on TV. I won't send txt messages, participate in your pulso and many others.
But above everything your still the only broadcaster in Cebu and maybe in the Philippines that is not tainted with any anomalies and your integrity is not tarnish by any intrigues and commentaries of your enemies in media and those who have negative motives in you.


joevic-guangzhou,p.r. china said...

a humble winner! never brags his achievements! cebu's no. 1 arangkada man. way preno, way pugong-pugong, igo kung igo! arangkada kung arangkada! LEO LASTIMOSA, NAG-UNA SA MASA!!!
kudos to you, yet to GOD be the glory!!!!

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Katty Galore said...

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