Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Numerology: The Meaning of the Numbers

Numerology and What The Numbers Mean


It's true! Anyone can be a numerologist–including you! Unlike astrology which requires extensive study, the basics of numerology are fairly easy to grasp. To make it even easier for Numerology, we have prepared the number table you see below. This explains in more the detail the general meanings of the various numbers. We think this will be especially helpful as you begin to work some of the calculations on our other pages.

Numerology is easier than you think!

Our goal is to demystify numerology and give you enough information to "do-it-yourself." Anyone can manage a few numerology calculations. The more difficult part is knowing how to interpret those numbers. For example, say you have done your Birthpath Calculation by adding together your month, day, and year of birth. Let's just say that your Birthpath is "9." Looking at the table below, what does this 9 tell you about your Birthpath--your natural tendencies, abilities, and attitudes toward the world?


1 through 9
plus 11 and 22


Areas of Concern

General Leanings

Practical Expression


Natural leader,

Avoid extremes of
bossiness, shyness.
Too impulsive.

Standing out from
the crowd. Trying
new ideas.

Political leadership,
celebrity, or small
business owner.


Loving, peace-
maker, analytical,
ideal partner.

Hanging back, not
speaking up. Stuck
on details, lonely.

Finding the right
relationship. Needs
harmony, order.

Diplomatic corps,
counselor, partner
in small business.


Outgoing, joy of
life, imaginative,

Fears routine. May
lack self-discipline,
accomplish little.

Energy and ideas
in action. Having
a good time.

Press secretary,
party planner, small
business promoter.


Works hard,
practical, gets
things done.

Fears downsizing,
not having familiar
routine. Rigid.

Need for security.
Develops order
out of chaos.

Administrator, team
player, back office
of small business.


Bold, daring, and
persuasive. Enjoys
the finer things.

Restlessness to the
point of boredom.
Easily side-tracked.

To search for new
opportunities. Take
chances. Try it all.

Public figure, media,
develop new idea
for small business.


Warm, nurturing,
and happily dom-
estic. Reliable.

May end up feeling
like a doormat. Can
be too opinionated.

Taking care of
loved ones. Finding
safety, comfort.

Personal assistant,
educator, or caterer
to small business.


A deep thinker,
spiritually inclined.
Unique, eccentric.

Too aloof and fears
not living up to high
standards. A loner.

To seek answers
to life's questions.
Observe. Discover.

Analytical field. Or
self-employment in
small business.


Decisive, forceful,
good with money.

Often lacks feeling
for those who stand
in the way of goals.

To strive higher,
take control, seek
power, status.

Professional field,
or operator of small
business franchises.


Inspired, intuitive,
creative. Seeks to
improve the world.

Needs to avoid bad
habits, and attend
to life's details.

To see the "big
picture." To dream
the dream.

Community leader,
organize small bus-
iness owners.


A visionary, an
artist. Expands

Avoid extremes,
being too high-
strung. Impractical.

To be enlightened
and to enlighten

Metaphysical small
business with far-
reaching appeal.


Goal-oriented and
practical but on a
global scale.

May feel born a
century "too early."
Too overextended.

To have a mission
and see it carried
out globally.

Provide web sites to
small businesses for
total global change.

As you see from the above, with a Birthpath Number of 9 you tend to be a natural dreamer and a bit of an idealist. What you dream and how effective you are, of course, will be influenced to some extent by your other numbers. Do they reinforce each other? Or are they in conflict? By the way, do not think that we are limiting most of you to a career path involving small business. We have merely used that repeated example under "practical expression" to show you how the various numbers might respond to a certain theme. As you begin to flesh out your own numerology calculations, you will likewise see recognizable themes begin to emerge. We hope the snapshot analysis above helps you to feel more comfortable in performing numerology interpretations for yourself of your friends. Numerology really is easy. It's simply a matter of getting a feel for the numbers!

Helpful Hints For Numerology Interpretation

Tip One: Stick with the basic numbers (1 through 9; plus 11 and 22). Yes, there are other so-called "master numbers" or "karmic numbers" that some people swear by. But oftentimes these exotic numbers are more confusing than they are enlightening. And many numerologists don't bother with them.

Tip Two: Stick with the basic calculations. Almost all numerologists perform certain calculations. These include the sum of your birth date numbers; the sum of the letters in your birth name; the sum of the vowels in your name; the sum of the consonants, etc. Try Animated light get a feel for these basic calculations and what they convey.

Tip Three: Don't be intimidated by fancy-sounding terminology. Although most numerologists perform the same basic calculations, there are no limits to the names people come up with for these calculations. If we call it your "Birthpath Number" and someone else calls it "XYZ Number"--it really doesn't matter.

Tip Four: Draw on your common sense, your experience, and your intuition. After a while some of the numbers might remind you of people you know. Or you may get an intuitive flash because a person's "5" seems to jump out at you. Well, go with these impressions.

And remember--numerology should be fun! So have fun learning it!


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