Thursday, April 21, 2005

DYAB/ABS-CBN Local & International Jobs Fair: Job Opportunities for the US

85 Registered Nurses [US$20.00/hour]
47 Physical Therapists [US$20.00/hour]
25 Occupational Therapists [US$20.00/hour]
25 Speech Therapists [US$20.00/hour]
1 Educator Medical [US$14.00/hour]
4 General Duty Nurse [US$20.00/hour]
9 Physical Therapists [US$20.00/hour]
2 Scientific Support Technologists [US$10.00/hour]
2 Managers Plant Operation [US$10.00/hour]
2 Finance Officers [US$20.00/hour]
2 Officers Market Research [US$10.00/hour]
4 Officers Medical Records & Health Information [US$10.00/hour]
4 Medical Technologists [US$15.00/hour]

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Ma.Cristina Yu said...

Hi, My dad told me about this news yesterday and he told me to view this news in this site. I just would like to ask,what are requirements for this one.Like, I want to apply as a speech therapist. what requirements would i prepare?where and when would this job fair take place. Hoping for your response.Thank you.

Cris Yu