Saturday, April 16, 2005

How to use 2366 to interact with DYAB programs

To react to any current DYAB program you can send your SMS/text in the following format: "DYAB REACT This is my reaction to you sir. James Regis of Pardo Leyte" Then send to 2366.

Your message will instantly appear in a computer screen right in front of the DYAB anchor on board. Limit total txt characters to 160 characters. You will be charged P2.50 per message.

Or to summarize: "DYAB(space)REACT(space)your message here(space)YourNameAddress" then send your message to cellphone number 2366.

Tip: This is the fastest way to reach your anchors, not to their personal SIM cards because your message can be read very easily in a big computer screen.

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