Friday, August 12, 2005

Who Is Dickey?

Barry G. Dickey is the certified forensic expert for Audio Evidence Lab, a laboratory specializing in the examination, production, and engineering of audio/video recordings. His responsibilities include audio/video authentication, digital enhancement/restoration, voice identification/elimination, analysis of acoustical/visual media, and transcription of audio/video recordings. Since 1993, he has provided forensic analyses relative to criminal and civil cases for the US Government, State and District Attorneys, Corporate Law Firms, State and Federal Law Enforcement, Civil and Criminal Attorneys, Private Investigators, Insurance Companies, and News Broadcast Agencies. Utilizing DSP technology, analytical equipment, and microscopic resolution, Mr. Dickey employs scientifically accepted techniques to provide the critical evidence required in the courtroom. Forensic cases involving Mr. Dickey have been featured on The Learning Channel's "Science Frontiers", "Forensic Files", CBS, and Fox News Networks. Discrete and sound judgement is applied to each client's needs. Free initial consultation.
▪ Analysis of Audio/Video Evidence
▪ Digital Enhancement/Restoration
▪ Voice Identification/Elimination
▪ Event/Sound Identification
▪ Expert Testimony/Consultation
▪ Piracy/Copyright Infringement
▪ Transcription


Anonymous said...

That means yong audio expert nang Philippine Center for Investigative Journalism kuno is a fake! Ay naku, mahilig lang sa kontrobersiya ang PCIJ para makabenta. PCIJ gets a high when there is a "crisis" as if the ordinary people don't already know the true colors of these so called journalists.

Anonymous said...

OO, nga peke din ang PCIJ, eh... pekeng journalists ...ha..ha..ha!!!

ching said...

Mga leftists yang nasa PCIJ, pare. Trabahao yan ang gumawa ng intriga para mangulo sa gobyierno. Hindi mo pa ba alam? hindi pa ba obvious sa iyo ?!!

Anonymous said...

Mga pare, ang PCIJ ay multi awarded na body hindi lang dito sa Pilipinas kundi sa iba pang bansa so hindi nyo siya matatawag na peke.

Ang peke ay ang witness ni Defensor na si Tiongco. Isa pang peke ay yang si Bunye na puro nalang kasinungalingan ang sinasabi- kung pwede nga lang, kahit pwet ng Presidente hahalikan na niya para di lang siya mawalan ng trabaho !

Uulitin ko, ang PCIJ na nga lang ang nagsasabi ng totoo...ang Malacanang puro nalang propaganda at kasinungalingan ang sa kanila.

Anonymous said...


Its very obvious that the previus posts were done by persons payed for by Malacanang. For who else can offered false witnesses today but Malacanang.

PCIJ, for your information, is a multi awarded news organization not only here but also abroad. Unlike Malacanang's tuta, Toting Bunye, who has proven to the world...that he is the GREATEST LIAR IN THE WORLD !

Mabuhay ang katotohanan! Mabuhay ang PCIJ!!!

Anonymous said...

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