Friday, April 15, 2005

Kapamilya Media Forum

Topic: Closure of South Coastal Road & Feasibility of South Reclamation Project

Guests: Cebu City Vice Mayor Michael Rama
Talisay City Mayor Socrates Fernandez
IBP and DENR Officials

Live over DYAB 1512 khz and SkyCable Channel 15
9-10:30 a.m.


Beth said...

"Closure of South Coastal Road & Feasibility of South Reclamation Project"
- For me it's not better to close the South Costal Road becouse of, dili lang baya nah sa cebu city ang buhis nga nag bayad ana since it's a national project. So para fair sa tanan. Then about as arguement between sa Duha kah mayor ang ila angay buhaton for them nga dili mag lalis who owned the place.. They will put a stablishment there nga 2nga ang duha kah lungsod aron patas nah cla. Then daghan pag cla mga tao nga matabangan.. They will encourage invenstors for that place. Where in just one place so dili politika ang angay nila palihukon kundili unsaon nila pagtabang sa a2 mga kahtawhan dili lang sa duha kah city kundili sa tibo-ok Cebu.

Dante said...

I am one of the many motorists from the South who have been greatly inconvenienced by the closure of the coastal road. My first reaction to it is anger: How can Osmena close the coastal road? What right has he? But then later when I learned of his reasons for closing it down, I became sympathetic to him. I don agree that the Talisay government is, as they say, "Nidawat lang ug limpyo," by suddenly entering the picture by claiming ondership of a portion of the SRP without even playing any role in the implementation of the project.

However, I believe the Cebu City mayor is wrong in closing down the coastal road. Whatever his reasons may be, it won't justify the great inconvenience he has caused to the motorists. The Cebu City and Talisay City governments should settle their disputes properly and legally and not sacrifice the common good!

Anonymous said...

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