Friday, April 15, 2005

Vidal Has No Chance To Be Pope?

ROME, Italy—Enter as pope and come out a cardinal goes the common adage about the "papabile" or papal contenders who do not quite make it despite much expectation.

When the Philippines' Ricardo Cardinal Vidal enters the Sistine Chapel on Monday to take part in the conclave to choose the successor to John Paul II, he will enter a cardinal and come out a cardinal.

Conclave watchers have given the low-key and self-effacing archbishop of Cebu no chance of being elected pope. (From


zahrtz said...

yes of course. do you think its easy? undeniably, a pope is considered as one of the most powerful and influential person here on earth. so who wouldn't want to have a power and a popularity just like him? that's why choosing a pope involves a powerplay. vidal is a nobody, he's just an ordinary cardinal who hails from a country who's proud to call itself as the biggest catholic country in asia but surprisingly, also is one of the most corrupt! i wouldn't get shocked if the next pope is from vatican.

h2O said...

we can never tell who'll be pope till the conclave is done. and about having cardinal vidal elected as pope, who knows. God's thought are not that of ours.