Saturday, February 09, 2008

Cebu Recuitment for Canada Soon!

LATEST DYAB ADVISORY: POEA may start accrediting private placement agencies to recruit applicants in Cebu for Canada next week. All of the 109 recruitment agencies with approved job orders from Canadian employers and principals are based in Manila.

Please stay tuned to DYAB Cebu (1512 khz) for the latest bulletins. Rest assured, you will be the first to know when actual recruitment begins. Meantime, start preparing your passport and other employment documents.

If you want to receive regular updates on job vacancies in Canada and elsewhere right in your inbox, please send a blank email to:

Or you can visit the DYAB Cebu Email Group.


Paknot said...

"You can also click this link: The complete list of job vacancies and registered placement agencies for British Columbia, Australia"

Typo? Maybe you meant British Columbia, Canada :)

"Labels: australia, dyab, jobs "

Label is also incorrect :D

Felix said...

Sir Leo ang na a Hepa B pwede ba maka work sa Canada? Under medication sya karon.

berto said...

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