Saturday, February 16, 2008

Job Fair For Canada

Canada Jobs Update: DYAB Cebu is now working with DOLE, POEA, DMDP and KBP Cebu Chapter for the possible holding of a Job Fair for the 54,000 job vacancies in British Columbia, Canada to make it more convenient for the applicants and the accredited placement agencies. For more updates, please tune in to DYAB Cebu 1512 khz or subscribe to DYAB Cebu Email Group by sending a blank email to


danny said...

Dear Sir,

How Great your programs are. My name is Leonilo B.Omayan & I am a father of (6) six childrens. Nag pasalamat dyod me ug daku nga kamo ug ang ubang tawo nag tumbaya sa pag tabang ug pag pahiluna sa pag pa trabaho. Will if you had placed them, basig puede sad ko ninyo nga matabangan nga maka trabaho. To tell you frankly I have a difficulty in my left leg, I am a Polio Victim when I was at 6 months old, but despite of this I can walk and work will & in fact i was connected before in one company here in cebu city, but the company was closed last 2002 due to management crises.
Sir, I am willing to meet you & submit my self for further inpormation if necessary.
Thank you and more power to all good people like you.

My cell # 09197033365.


berto said...

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laky said...

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glocorpwebdesign said...

Our company is in need of:

Must be a Bachelor's Degree holder.
With pleasing personality.
Must be 21-28 years old.
Analytical and meticulous with details.
Organized and systematic.
Proactive and can comply with strict deadlines.
Willing to work extended hours.
Can perform effectively with minimal supervision.
Tactful but firm in interpersonal dealings.
Competent in a computerized environment.
Preferably who has 1 year experience in a hotel or online reservation system agents/consultant is an advantage.


For interested applicants please email resume to:

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