Saturday, February 23, 2008

Will Gloria Survive?

Blogger Mon Casiple suggests,

Malacañang is scrambling for the initiative. Mobilization by friendly LGU units are being planned, sprinkled by a few pro-GMA NGOs and church personalities. A media offensive has been launched–against Lozada, JDV, the opposition, and even against Vice-President Noli de Castro. The de Castro media attack seeks to prevent a possible de Castro defection that can fundamentally undermine GMA’s chances of survival.


Jan Abayata said...

edAfter all the controversies that wrapped President Gloria into questionable trouble, I don't think Filipinos could still afford to give her a chance. But maybe we need to give her little hope and let her finish her term as our president..."Every Politician has a little secret hidden"
I don't think Arroyo is the best, but she's better... If it's not Gloria, who deserves the seat? :)

berto said...

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