Sunday, February 24, 2008

Marcos' Chief Guard Speaks Out

For the first time, Irwin-son of Gen. Fabian Ver and commander of President Marcos's guards-tells of the last hours in Malacanang in February 1986. Exclusive to (More)

22 Years After Marcos

Monday marks 22 years since the fall of dictator Ferdinand Marcos and although the economy has improved the lives of many, politics remains dominated by money, patronage and corruption, analysts say.

With the media often drawing comparisons between Marcos and the current President Gloria Arroyo, analysts believe people have become disillusioned with a political system that is fundamentally flawed and only benefits the few.

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Will Gloria Survive?

Blogger Mon Casiple suggests,

Malacañang is scrambling for the initiative. Mobilization by friendly LGU units are being planned, sprinkled by a few pro-GMA NGOs and church personalities. A media offensive has been launched–against Lozada, JDV, the opposition, and even against Vice-President Noli de Castro. The de Castro media attack seeks to prevent a possible de Castro defection that can fundamentally undermine GMA’s chances of survival.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Kapamilya Relief Campaign: Samar Flood Victims Need Help

Some 2,000 evacuees took temporary shelter inside the Catarman Cathedral when a sudden rise of water occurred in the early morning of Friday (December 29) in some of the barangays in Catarman, Northern Samar. Immediate food and clothing assistance to the evacuees was administered by the church and private groups and individuals. (SamarNews)

DYAB Cebu Launches Relief Campaign For Samar Flood Victims

Kapamilya Relief Campaign: DYAB Abante Bisaya and ABS-CBN Cebu are now receiving donations for the Samar flood victims. Please bring your donations to the ABS-CBN Broadcast Complex in Mandaue City.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Arroyo's Cabinet

President Arroyo's message in these pictures: I am in control and my cabinet is with me.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Jun Lozada's Prayer After the La Salle Mass Initiated by Former RP Pres. Cory Aquino

When the prayer, "Today I start the Change I Want to See," was recited to Rodolfo Noel Lozada Jr. before his testimony at the Senate on the NBN scandal, he felt that the world became silent, "and these are the only words that I could hear:"
    "Lord, let me be the change I want to see

    To do with strength and wisdom

    All that needs to be done

    And become the hope that I can be.

    Set me free from my fears and hesitations.

    Grant me courage and humility.

    Fill me with spirit to face the challenge

    And start the change I want to see.

    Today, I start the change I want to see.

    Even if I’m not the light, I can be the spark.

    In faith, service and communion

    Let us start the change we want to see,

    The change that begins in me."

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Job Fair For Canada

Canada Jobs Update: DYAB Cebu is now working with DOLE, POEA, DMDP and KBP Cebu Chapter for the possible holding of a Job Fair for the 54,000 job vacancies in British Columbia, Canada to make it more convenient for the applicants and the accredited placement agencies. For more updates, please tune in to DYAB Cebu 1512 khz or subscribe to DYAB Cebu Email Group by sending a blank email to

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Malacañang Declares War Against Lozada

In an apparent act of retaliation against Rodolfo "Jun" Lozada Jr., Malacañang on Wednesday called for the investigation of the Senate witness for "anomalies" in his office during his term as head of the Philippine Forest Corp. (PFC). (More)

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Rodolfo Noel Lozada Jr.'s Senate Testimony

The full transcript of Rodolfo Noel Lozada Jr.'s testimony broken in two parts:

Police Recruitment

Here's another job opportunity:

The National Police Commission (Napolcom) announced that it is now accepting entrance test applications for civilian professionals wanting to join the ranks of those who serve and protect.

College graduates not more than 30 years old who qualify in the Philippine National Police’s (PNP) height requirements for both men and women are being given until March 17 for the April 27, 2008 examination date. (More)

Saturday, February 09, 2008

Cebu Recuitment for Canada Soon!

LATEST DYAB ADVISORY: POEA may start accrediting private placement agencies to recruit applicants in Cebu for Canada next week. All of the 109 recruitment agencies with approved job orders from Canadian employers and principals are based in Manila.

Please stay tuned to DYAB Cebu (1512 khz) for the latest bulletins. Rest assured, you will be the first to know when actual recruitment begins. Meantime, start preparing your passport and other employment documents.

If you want to receive regular updates on job vacancies in Canada and elsewhere right in your inbox, please send a blank email to:

Or you can visit the DYAB Cebu Email Group.

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Latest POEA Advisory on Canada Jobs

The POEA has not yet authorized any recruitment agency to interview applicants in Cebu for the job vacancies in Canada. Please tune in to DYAB for the latest developments.

US Super Tuesday Results

Monday, February 04, 2008

Canada's 1.9 Million Jobs (High School Graduates Can Apply)

Canada's robust economy offers good job opportunities to skilled workers and professionals from the Philippines and other countries through the permanent and temporary migration schemes. The Provinces in Canada have adopted the Provincial Nominee Program to facilitate the entry of immigrants to its labor force.

The Human Resources and Social Development Canada has reported that 1.9 million new jobs will be created over the next decade (2006 – 2015) particularly in the Western provinces of Canada such as Alberta, British Columbia, Saskatchewan and Manitoba.

British Columbia

In British Columbia, US $130 billion worth of projects and construction are on-going in Vancouver, partly due to the requirements of the forthcoming 2010 Winter Olympics, but mainly due to the huge economic growth of British Columbia. For the Winter Olympics in 2010, an additional 22,000 to 24,00 temporary workers will be needed. There will be a demand for 30,000 permanent workers per year for the next twelve years in the hotel and restaurant and services sectors. The health, transport and mining industries are also experiencing skills shortages.


Manitoba needs manpower across various sectors. There is a demand for caregivers and nannies, truck drivers, welders, machinists, boilermakers, sheet metal workers, glaziers, pipe fitters, mechanics, plasterers/ drywall installers, carpenters/ cabinetmakers, bricklayers / stone masons.


The sudden surge in labor demand in Alberta is largely oil and gas propelled. Canada is reputed to have oil reserves in its tar sands much more than what the Gulf countries have. The province of Alberta alone has estimated oil reserves of about 375 billion barrels, or approximating that of Saudi Arabia.

Skills in demand in Alberta include physicians, dentists and veterinarians (5,000 workers for the period 2006-2016), facility operation and maintenance managers (up to 3,908 people by 2016), other engineers: industrial and manufacturing, metallurgical and materials, mining, geological, petroleum, aerospace, computer (except software) and other professional engineers, other elemental service occupations: dry cleaning and laundry occupation, ironing, pressing and finishing occupation, other elemental service occupations, central control and process operators in manufacturing and processing, technical occupations in computer and information systems, pharmacists, dietitians, nutritionists, managers in primary production (except agriculture).


Saskatchewan targets to bring in 5,000 immigrants by 2008. The Saskatchewan Immigration Nominee Program (SINP) has posted the following skills in demand for the province: skilled workers, entrepreneurs, farmer owner/operator, health professionals, long haul truck drivers, heavy duty equipment family restaurant cooks, mechanics/technicians, industrial painters, sandblasters.


POEA's government placement facility has no job openings for Canada. There are about 109 POEA-licensed private recruitment agencies that have approved job orders for registered employers/principals in Canada for the recruitment of skilled workers and professionals in the various industries. Interested applicants may apply with these licensed recruitment agencies or search for job orders at our website


The general public is advised further that Canadian laws and regulations in these provinces prohibit the charging of recruitment and placement fee from workers seeking employment in Manitoba, British Columbia, Saskatchewan and Alberta provinces of Canada or from workers under the Pilot Project of the Canadian Government regardless of the province of destination in Canada.

The Pilot Project of the Government of Canada for the hiring of foreign workers in occupations usually require a high school diploma or a maximum of 2 years of jobspecific training (level C and D). The prevailing policy requires the Canadian employers to cover all recruitment costs related to the hiring of the foreign workers under the project.

The POEA has issued Memorandum Circular No.03 (series of 2007) on the "non-placement fee" policy for Canada for this purpose.

30,000 Jobs in Canada

POEA Advisory for OFWs for Canada

Job orders for Canada are available at DOLE-POEA licensed recruitment agencies with accredited principals/employers. Interested applicants may apply with these licensed recruitment agencies or search for job orders at POEA's website.

The complete list of 30,000 vacancies and 109 registered placement agencies

Biggest Kapamilya Bloodletting

Against the backdrop of an acute shortage of blood in Cebu and neighboring areas, here's a bit of good news. The biggest Kapamilya Bloodletting activity ever was held Saturday (February 2, 2008) in four of Cebu's biggest shopping malls. 744 bags of blood were collected from over 800 Cebuanos who trooped to the four venues to give the "gift of life:"
  • SM City - 225 donors (75 were deferred);
  • EMall - 207 (10 were deferred);
  • Gaisano Fiesta Mall - 205 (23 were deferred); and
  • Gaisano Mactan - 107.
The quarterly Kapamilya Bloodletting is an initiative of DYAB Abante Bisaya and ABS-CBN Cebu in partnership with the Philippine National Red Cross (PNRC), Regional Blood Coordinating Council (RBCC), Regional Blood Center (RBC) and Cebu City Medical Center (CCMC).

Saturday, February 02, 2008