Friday, July 01, 2005

Mike's "Amigo"

Posted by Luz Rimban 
AGRICULTURE Secretary Arthur Yap today announced that he was leaving government so that he could clear his name in the P4-million tax evasion case filed against him by the Bureau of Internal Revenue. Yap said in a news conference today that the tax case would make him more a liability than an asset to President Gloria Arroyo, at a time when she was facing a crisis of her own.

"Last night, I had a heart-to-heart talk with the President and I explained that under the current circumstances, I will be ineffective as a secretary….This is a personal decision between the President and myself, " Yap said.

Could there be more to Yap's resignation than just the tax evasion charges?

Yap happens to be very close to Gloria and Mike Arroyo. He was her student in economics at the Ateneo, and is said to be one of Mike's close friends. Yap is reportedly part of the First Gentleman's circle of amigos that include:

  • former DA Undersecretary and now Government Service Insurance System (GSIS) director Jocelyn Bolante
  • Pagcor chair Ephraim Genuino
  • former NAIA General Manager and now Laguna Lake Development Authority Administrator (LLDA) Edgar Manda

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