Monday, July 18, 2005

X-Tapes Spliced

Posted by Alecks Pabico 

THANKS to digital technology, one is able to preserve the audio characteristics of any sound clip from the source for purposes of making a detailed analysis even if they are copied/downloaded several times.

A concerned audiophile, who wishes to remain anonymous, made his own analysis of the audio characteristics of the "Chavit X-Tapes" and sent it to us. He examined in particular the third and sixth tracks, in an attempt to compare the portion where former Pres. Joseph Estrada mentioned the word "Hello."

His conclusions confirm our own suspicions about the Chavit-released tapes earlier in this blog:

  • The "Hello" audio of Track 06 is identical to the "Hello" audio of Track 03.

    It is scientifically impossible to have two identical audio wave transitions between two separate instances of any conversation even if the audio information is coming from a single individual. Having such identical characteristics could only happen if the audio transitions are "digitally" copied to another clip.

    The analysis also found that Track 06 conversation transitions are not "natural" as compared to Track 03 which shows common ambient background characteristics.

  • The "Hello" audio of Track 03 was "copied" to Track 06 and Track 06 is "heavily" spliced.

Below are the plate images of the analysis of the two tracks (Track 03 and Track 06) comparing the wave properties of Erap's "Hello":

  • PLATE 1: Upper portion is a graphical wave display of Track 03 (left channel). Lower portion is Track 06's wave display (right channel) combined in one audio file.
  • PLATE 2: Zooming in on Erap's "Hello" portion already shows identical wave properties between the two tracks.
  • PLATE 3: Zooming in at head portion of the "Hello" audio, you could easily see radical wave transitions that are 100% identical on both tracks.
  • PLATE 4: The same case at the end of the "Hello" audio — wave transitions are 100% identical.
  • PLATE 5: Overall view of the "Hello" portion of the clip showing identical wave transitions.
  • PLATE 6: Plate showing 60HZ buzz noise on "Man2" (unidentified male) background. In a telephone conversation, usually both parties' background noise is shared but in this case, each party has its own background audio characteristics which is usually apparent on "spliced" clips.

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