Sunday, June 05, 2005

Today's Headlines

President upbeat despite big problems gripping country
President Arroyo shrugged off constant coup rumors, sagging popularity and corruption allegations against her family, vowing Saturday to carry out more reforms to kick-start the economy.

The summit of political parties in August is expected to firm up the shift to a parliamentary government with Sen. Edgardo Angara and Speaker Jose de Venecia leading the move to include it on the summit's agenda.

Shift in form of govt tops August meet
The summit of political parties in August is expected to firm up the shift to a parliamentary government, with Sen. Edgardo Angara and Speaker Jose de Venecia leading the move to include it on the summit's agenda.

RP keeps ranking on human traffic list
WASHINGTON - The Philippines remained on the Tier 2 watch list of human trafficking violators compiled by the US State Department.

P3.5-M BOI fund use questioned
The Commission on Audit is questioning the diversion by the Board of Investments of some P3.488-million funds intended for the promotion of the country as an investment haven to other purposes such as personnel welfare assistance and the purchase of office supplies. 

'I am just doing my job,' Lomibao tells detractors
FORT DEL PILAR, Baguio City - The Philippine National Police chief, Director General Arturo Lomibao, on Saturday lashed out at his critics, saying he is doing his job to rid the country of the illegal numbers game, jueteng. 

MILF: Peace agreement can help stop entry of terrorists
COTABATO - A Muslim separatist chief said Saturday that a peace agreement with the government could help stop foreign terrorists from getting into Mindanao.

Mindanao tribal chief recalls Japanese father
Memories of last seeing his father during World War II have flooded back for a tribal leader, Tanao Bantilan Tao, as, 60 years on, Tokyo chases the ghosts of Japanese soldiers in the jungles of Mindanao. 

Palace urged to bare 'pet' proposed changes to Charter
Senate Minority Leader Aquilino "Nene" Pimentel, Jr on Saturday urged Malacañan and its Congress allies to disclose which provisions in the 1987 Constitution would be up for amendment. 

Malacañan preempts opposition, leaks new destab plot
Malacañan assailed the opposition camp Saturday for allegedly possessing a taped conversation indicating that the 2004 presidential elections was rigged to ensure President Arroyo's victory, it was learned Saturday. 

50 jailed Filipino minors in Saudi need help
A militant group bared 50 Filipino children are currently languishing in Saudi Arabian jails and need to be saved by the government, learned Saturday.

DepEd welcomes 17.5-M public students Monday
The Department of Education on Saturday announced it is ready to welcome an estimated 17.5 million public elementary and high school students on Monday for the formal opening of the 2005-2006 school season.

Jinggoy wants Gonzales, Wycoco called to 'jueteng' probe
Opposition Sen. Jinggoy Estrada has asked the Senate panels investigating the "jueteng" payola controversy to summon Justice Secretary Raul Gonzales and National Bureau of Investigation chief Reynaldo Wycoco on Monday's hearing, DZMM reported. 

Nene dares NBI to sue jueteng witness handler
Senate Minority Leader Aquilino "Nene" Pimentel Jr. on Saturday challenged National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) Director Reynaldo Wycoco to file charges against politicians who allegedly suborned self-confessed "jueteng" operator Wilfredo Mayor into linking public officials to numbers rackets. 

Typhoon Dante gains strength
Typhoon Dante (international codename: Nesat) continued to gain strength even as it slightly slowed down during the past six hours, weather bureau Pagasa said. 

Recto: Use Boracay resort for rehab of wounded troops
Sen. Ralph Recto on Saturday urged the military to convert its resort complex in Boracay island into a convalescence center for wounded soldiers. 

200,000 high-school freshmen 'raw'—DepEd
Around 200,000 sixth graders who scored poorly in the National Achievement Test may have to be given remedial instruction once they start high school.

House backs Con-con
The House of Representatives will support President Arroyo's renewed call to start initiatives for a Charter change through a constitutional convention next year, Speaker Jose de Venecia said.

Ping belittles 2 NBI witnesses' testimony
Sen. Panfilo Lacson on Friday lashed out at the National Bureau of Investigation for presenting two new witnesses who contradicted the testimony that Wilfredo Mayor, a confessed jueteng operator, made at a Senate inquiry.

Sandigan tells Imelda to stay put in Manila
The Sandiganbayan on Friday denied the petition of former first lady Imelda Marcos to go to China to have her knees treated.

P8B of Marcos loot eyed for land reform
Some 10,000 human-rights victims may not receive the P8-billion earmarked from the P38-billion sequestered Marcos Swiss account as compensation for their suffering during the Marcos regime, as the Department of Land Reform is planning to use the money for its program.

VP: Study legalized jueteng
MAGALANG, Pampanga - Vice President Noli de Castro on Friday urged the authorities to seriously study the possibility of legalizing jueteng.

Palawan now in Western Visayas
Palawan and Puerto Princesa City are now under the administrative jurisdiction of the Western Visayas region following their transfer from Southern Tagalog, the Department of the Interior and Local Government announced on Friday.

Volcanic smog on Pacific island reaches Philippines
SAIPAN, Northern Mariana Islands - Smog from Anatahan Volcano on this tiny US territory in the Pacific has reached as far as the Philippines and Palau, the US Geological Survey said.

Satellite Image

Typhoon "DANTE" was located based on satellite and surface data at 800 kms east of Northern Luzon (16.4°N 130.3°E) with maximum sustained winds of 165 kph near the center and gustiness of up to 200 kph. It is moving north at 15 kph towards the Southern Islands of Japan. Southwesterly and westerly surface windflow prevailing throughout the archipelago.

Metro Cebu: Mostly cloudy with rainshowers and thunderstorms, winds will be light to moderate blowing from the southwest and west, coastal waters will be slight to moderate, temperature range 24 to 33°C (75 to 91°F).

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